40 School Street, Cotuit, MA 02635
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About The Cotuit Federated Church

The Cotuit Federated Church is a federation of the United Church of Christ ( and the United Methodist Church ( Those desiring full membership decide to join either the UCC or the UMC.


Things we are:

  • Caring, compassionate toward our members, especially those who are sick or shut-in, guests and friends as well as the larger community in need.
  • Thirsty for spiritual experiences, self discovery and individual "from the heart" prayer.
  • The members of the CFC are open, honest, friendly and joyful.
    We are committed to mission work of all kinds including outreach to the greater community.
  • The CFC members are excited about the work the small groups are doing – working with homeless, bringing worship into nursing homes and many, many other worthwhile activities while the participants are getting to know each other at a deeper level than ever before.
  • We are music lovers who appreciate the choir’s choices of spiritual and uplifting music.
  • We see ourselves as open and affirming as we exclude no one from our family.
  • We view ourselves as friendly, happy and a joyful group of caring people.

Things we want:

  • To explore our faith so as to become better acquainted with God and His plan for us as individuals as well as a congregation.
  • For individuals to be given opportunities to be trained, educated and to explore their role in the community at large.
  • Open honest leadership from all our leaders.
  • Opportunities to get to know each other and God at a deeper level.
  • Uplifting, positive, spiritual worship services.
  • To train new leaders to do those things they are called to do at CFC – i.e.: Children’s sermons, lay readers, ushers & greeters, 2nd hour leaders, visitors to sick and shut-ins, small group leaders.
  • We want to be included and informed of all decisions, celebrations and prayerful needs.


Cotuit Federated Church

The Ship's Wheel has been adopted as our official logo.

Meaning of the Ship’s Wheel: Around the beginning of the 18th century ship’s wheels started being used graphically as a symbol of ships and the sea.  In this design we wanted to visually depict a direct tie to our heritage of being founded by sea captains.  We also felt this symbol honored our unique location here on Cape Cod at the historic sea port of Cotuit.

The circle of the wheel is a universal symbol of unity.  The wheel, with Christ as the center, also symbolizes the guiding and teaching we are given by our “captain”. 

The spokes of the wheel further symbolize our reaching out, as individuals and collectively as a church, to the greater community which is a symbolic manifestation of the values and mission our membership has embraced

A ship’s wheel has been used in the past couple of hundred years to symbolize leadership, adventureand exploration.  This symbolism ties directly to the new paths and challenges we at the Cotuit Federated Church have chosen over the last year.

The phrases Compassion Faith and Community (CFC) were added to show the key attributes of our collective mission.